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Objections to Sri Vijaya Dasa's "manasu kaaraNavalla .."

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Objection 3: 
"don't brood over these lines at all. most of the dasa sahithya is biased, for eg., in this song it is on shiva but the author asks Shiva '''Vishnu Bhakuthiyanu kodo shambho'''...

Is dAsa sAhitya is "BIASED"? Not only the poet but the entire community of dAsa sAhitis is accused of this bias towards "vishNu". This is interesting and let us consider a few perspectives:

1) Is worship of one Lord a bias?, is not "ekam sat" the universal truth? Whether one calls it VishNu or Shiva or aatma or whatever, how does it matter for an advaita? 

2) If we believe that VishNu, Shiva, and Brahma are one and the same, how does it matter if one chooses to worship one over the other, or focuses on only one aspect? Are they not simultaneously worshiping the others whether want or not? so, where is the objection? Objection seems more from a material perspective. 

3) For an advaiti, where is the difference between vishnu or brahma or shiva or self or this world, so why should this objection at all? 

4) In sandhyavandanam, do we not start and end with "keshavaaya swaha, narayaNaya swaaha, maadhavaaya swaaha, govindaaya namah vishNave namaH ..... sri krishNaaya namah" and "kaayena vaacha .... naaraayaNa-arpaNamastu". Who's name are we chanting? Do we not end everything with "krishNarpaNamastu"? 

Do we not say "aakaashaat patitam toyaM yathA gacchati saagaram sarva dEva namaskaaraH keshavam prati gacchati"? Does that not imply something? If they choose to worship one VishNu, what is the problem? If they seek the blessings of Lord Shiva to increase their bhakti for VishNu, what is the problem? Where is the bias? If this is bias, are we not biased in that case? are we not prejudiced? are we free from the bias and prejudice? Why blame them? Is it possible that we are wrong? We believe that we are right and thus see them wrong, but for a advaiti there is no meaning to the duality of right and wrong. Why cannot we accept the fact that what we have are perspectives, and why accuse one party of having a perspective?

5) What is wrong in asking Shambhu for Bhakti for VishNu, when Shambhu and VishNu are non-different for us? How does it matter? For them, they both could be different and that is not without logic, they have their own reason that we may disagree with but that does not make them wrong and us right! And, Sri Madhvacharya was not a simpleton. 

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