Monday, January 16, 2017

Sandhyavandana - Part 5 - preparation for gAyatri mantra

[Through "arghya", we have invited / invoked auspiciousness inside us. "agni" lightens the world outside and the keep the body alive, 'surya' lightens everything and gives the energy for us to perform duties, and 'Saraswati' illuminates the mind and the intellect. We now seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati and Gayatri devi, and all the deities to enable us to be enlightened. ]

आयातु वरदादेवि अक्षरं ब्रह्म सम्मितम् । छन्दसां मातेदं ब्रह्म जुषस्वमे । यदहन्नात्कुरुते पापं तदहन्नात्प्रतिमुच्च्यते । यद्रात्र्यात्कुरुतेपापं तद्रात्र्यात्प्रतिमुच्च्यते । सर्ववर्णे महदेवि संध्यविद्ये सरस्वति ।

May the boon-bestowing (benefactor, Goddess of benediction; Saraswati devi in this case), who resembles (same as, corresponding to, incessantly, perpetually) the imperishable (immutable, word) 'brahma' (supreme spirit, the Lord, absolute), enter (come near, approach) us | May you, the mother of the vedas (brahma, spirit, soul, absolute) formed in this sacred hymn (meter, will, intention, longing) be pleased (jushat - attach, be satisfied, be favorable, enjoy) [with me] | Whatever pApa (mischief, misdeed, sin, inauspiciousness, vile, evil, guilt) has been committed by the day (in light, intentionally, consciously), that has been freed by the day. Whatever pApa has been committed by the night (ignorance, darkness), that has been released by the night | Oh the all-colored (varna: letter, character, sound, beauty, form, quality etc), the "twilight science" (enlightening knowledge), supreme deity Saraswati |

ॐ। ओजोसि सहोसि बलमसि भ्राजोसि । दॆवानां धामनामासि । विश्वमसि विश्वायुः सर्वमसि सर्वायुः । अभिभोरोम् । गायत्रीं आवाहयामि ।  सावित्रीं आवाहयामि । सरस्वतीं आवाहयामि । छन्दर्षीं आवाहयामि ।  श्रीं आवाहयामि । बलम् आवाहयामि । गायत्र्याः गाय्त्रीश्छन्दः विश्वामित्र ऋषिः । सविता देवता । अग्निर्मुखम् । ब्रह्मशिरः । विष्णुःहृदयं । रुद्रः शिख । पृथ्वी योनिः | प्राणापान व्यानोदान समान सप्राण श्वेतवर्ण सान्ख्यान सगोत्र । गायत्री चतुर्विम्शत्यक्शरा त्रिपाद षट्कुक्षिः । पञ्चशीषोपनयने विनियोगः ॥

Om! You are the energy (vigor, bodily strength, power, vitality, strength, luster). You are the force (victor). You are the might (ability, robustness, stamina). You are the brilliance (glitter, shine). You are indeed the abode of the deities. You are the world (all gods collectively, omnipresent, whole, universal), the all pervading air (all people). You are everything, bestowing all life. We bow down to you. I invite/invoke goddess gAyatri (deity of the vedas). I invite/invoke goddess sAvitri (the ray of light from the Sun; one who stimulates). I invite/invoke goddess saraswati (one who enables knowledge). I invite/invoke the goddess of metrical science (who provides the rhythm). I invite/invoke goddess laxmi (fortune, success, radiance, glory, wealth, majesty, dignity). I invite/invoke the power of articulation (bala is also one of the vishvedevAs). Gayatri is the meter for this gAyatri mantra, and Vishwamitra the sage (the seer). savitA (the light in the Sun god) is the deity. agni (deity of fire) is the mouth (upper part, introduction, beginning, cause).  brahma is the head. vishNu the heart. rudra the tuft of hair (the root, the summit, pinnacle, chief, ray of light, flame). Earth is the reproductive organ (abode, home, uterus, womb, seed, home, seat).  [The sustenance through panchaprAnas - prAna, apAna, vyAna, udAna, samAna] Inspiration (inward air; the driving force), expiration (outward air; one that enables ejection and elimination; without the apAna vAyu one lacks motivation), the air that keeps us erect, the air that keeps us in balance, air that controls the metabolism, the very living (life), in the lineage of the one with the bright hued appearance [the spirit]. Through gAyatri, the 6-bellied, 5-headed, 23 syllable meter, I execute the sacred ceremony.

ॐ भूः । ॐ भुवः । ॐ सुवः । ॐ महः । ॐ जनः । ॐ तपः । ॐ सत्यं । ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गोदेवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ।

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